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Ancenis COMICS Salon

I will be present on March 28 and 29, 2020 at the Ancenis Comic Show

European Arts and Crafts Days 2020

April 11-12 &13, 2020 at the Château de la Groulais in Blain in partnership with the Musée Atelier de l'imprimerie

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Actualité du monde de l'Enluminure




Welcome to the most colorful and "medieval" part of my universe. In this gallery you will discover creations or works inspired by medieval manuscripts but also artists and more contemporary art illustrators.

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galerie-oeufsTrue to a family tradition, I like to paint eggs. In my childhood we dyed them with onion peels, beet juice or simply with ink...
The eggs presented here are natural eggs of hens, cane or goose. I empty them then paint them with pigments, bronze powders, gold or mineral silver .

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