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The Workshop is now located in Nantes City Center

Please come visit my new place (only after booking it) and take a course at the Bois Briand Castle - 10 rue du Bois Briand in Nantes

26 and 27th March 2022 - Comic book festival (Ancenis)

2 days of exposure and meeting the authors

Discover the workshop online!

Through this little video you can discover my workshop and part of my work (in french only sorry) : Here it is!!

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Actualité du monde de l'Enluminure

Welcome to Atelier Pigments et Vermeil

Passionates of beauty and art, Dear visitors,

My story and Your journey could start this way:

…When I was a little girl I wanted to be a witch…

Did I realised my dream?

To discover it and live a unique experience, I invite you to immerse yourself in my world made of shimmering colors, precious metals and, why not, a little magic!


color in calligraphy


First of all we need color!

bright blues, deep reds, moss greens, oranges, mauves, etc. all that Nature offers us and more.

and then Gold, Silver, Copper! A profusion of colors for perfect alchemy.

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calligraphique line

The Line

Comes the line, black and white for contrast and pure graphism.

The hand dances and creates the line from the full and the voids.

Pure and straight engraving to highlight the color and bring it freshness and modernity.

My Vision of Engraving

magic colors


Finally, try to tame light and beauty. Live your passion to the fullest without ever being satisfied with your achievements. Search, test and discover... techniques, universes, people... stay curious about everything and move forward!

and the Magic operates...


Bespoke designs

You are in love with beautiful things or you want to share them: let me create for you a unique and original work.

Let a hint of magic sprinkle your daily life!

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calligraphy course

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Back in time whith pictures

Back in time whith pictures

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