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Ancenis COMICS Salon

I will be present on March 28 and 29, 2020 at the Ancenis Comic Show

European Arts and Crafts Days 2020

April 11-12 &13, 2020 at the Château de la Groulais in Blain in partnership with the Musée Atelier de l'imprimerie

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Actualité du monde de l'Enluminure

The Line


My Engravings

"No Compromise" could sum up the art of engraving. Black, white. Full, empty. I fell in love with the strong contrasts that brings graphics and modernity to the work of drawing.

Afterwards I include a little softness and colour... Illumination is never far away...

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My Calligraphies


The "Art of writing", the gesture that dances, the line comes to life and a word is born!

Ideal companion of illumination, I love its sobriety full of madness!

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The images you will find here are all of my production, they are either copies of existing illuminations or complete creations.
Please ask me for my opinion for a possible use of these images (see legal mentions).