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Ancenis COMICS Salon

I will be present on March 28 and 29, 2020 at the Ancenis Comic Show

European Arts and Crafts Days 2020

April 11-12 &13, 2020 at the Château de la Groulais in Blain in partnership with the Musée Atelier de l'imprimerie

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Actualité du monde de l'Enluminure

Bespoke Designs

It is with joy that I will realise for you, tailor-made:

Medievalists, Companies, Genealogists: Have your coat of arms, your letters of nobility or your family tree made! in the respect of medieval techniques (pigments, gold leaf) and iconography, on all supports : parchment, paper, wood or slate...

Please contact me, as soon as possible, since illumination and calligraphy are time-consuming disciplines...

Some examples of orders:

commande_duvauchellev personnalisée_Raphaëlv personnalisée_Laurentv personnalisée_carnetmarinv commande_personnalisée_salmonv commande_personnalisée_flohrv commande_personnalisée_labignev Emilie_et_Nicolasv  enluminure_compagnonsdudevoirv  enluminure_personnalisee3v