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Actualité du monde de l'Enluminure


The magical atmosphere of the workshop

In the workshop and in my soul there are sun and light all day long! I love to work with sheer gold sheets, bright silver or shiny copper, then giving birthe to my works. My colors are unique and very bright, I create them from natural and historical pigments. Alchemy is definitely there when I extract my colors from plants, stones, earths (en even insects).

Parchment is one of my favorite material, It is translucent but still leathery-strong, I choose it very carefully because I specially appreciate soft and creamy texture. I also really appreciate a grained hand-made paper.

I love to gather beautyfull objects and lavish materials in my workshop. Then, I emmerse myself in a gentle capernaum of colors, books and material to work, create, dream and paint.

So...Witch or not Witch?photo Marthe

As far as I can remember I always loved to draw and make potions with the garden plants. As I grew-up I became fascinated par the shinning colors and brigthness of Illumation, so I decided to learn it!

After my graduation as a "Elumineur de France" I opened the Atelier Pigments et Vermeil. I also was a finalist in the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France en Enluminure en 2015 et 2017 contest.

Always looking for new techniques and old knowledges I am always happy to follow traditionnal paths or to play with the graphic codes.

I wish you will enjoy to look at my work as much as I did when I painted it!